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Kaguya-sama: Love Is War: 3x9

Spring of First Year / Kaguya's Culture Festival / Yu Ishigami's Culture Festival

One week after enrolling in Shuchiin Academy as a special scholarship student, Shirogane had already regretted that he had come to a school he should not have. The students around him were elites born into famous families. Shirogane, who is from a modest household and enrolled from a school outside of Shuchiin’s track, couldn’t even find a friend to eat with, so he quietly kills time away from the cafeteria. Just as Shirogane’s miserable emotions explode, an upperclassman with a student cap appears in front of him. A shining golden fourragere lays across his chest as proof of student council president. And he says that he’s come to recruit Shirogane into the student council.

Jun. 04, 2022